WFP: 13 million people in the Horn of Africa are at risk of starvation



This means that in some African countries, hunger is even predicted to be even worse in early 2020. The causes of hunger in almost all African countries are varied. Some are caused by endless conflicts, and many are caused by year-round droughts.


Especially when the pandemic appears, Africans are now faced with a big dilemma. They only have 2 choices in life, namely to go out and look for food, or stay indoors but starve. Even yesterday in one country in South Africa, long queues occurred up to almost 4 kilometers because many citizens were queuing to get free food.

Hunger in African countries is becoming the most severe hunger in the world. This fact is exacerbated by the economic conditions of those who are categorized as poor people, and also severe droughts that can even occur throughout the year. The threats that come are not only hunger, but also poverty and death.

Islam is a religion that is rahmatan lil ‘alamin, which brings mercy to all mankind. In the hadith narrated by Bukhari No. 12 it is conveyed: “There was someone who asked the Messenger of Allah , ‘Which Islam is the best?’ He said, ‘Feed food (to the needy), also say greetings to people you know and don’t know.”


Friends, let’s be the best people by preventing hunger, and delivering food packages to our brothers and sisters in Africa with your best alms. God willing, these food packages will be delivered to hungry brothers and sisters in Somalia, Uganda, Mali, Kenya and Ethiopia.